The Weekly Dose #6

Welcome to the fourth edition of The Weekly Dose! Each week MMA Pulse will cover what’s what within the world of Tokyo’s #1 fighting organization, Pulse Fighting Championship!

The Weekly Dose #5

Contents Main Event – Andreev vs Slurper2Co-Main Event – D.C. Furia vs Fujimoto3Yurmommy vs Yoshida4Van Gaal vs Will Rock5Brakeley vs Dimitrov6Prelims7PFC 101 Gaetz v Tuala 28PFC 102 Alzheimer v McLaughlin9Pulse Contenders10Pulse Legends11Editor's Note12 Next Page: Main Event - Andreev vs Slurper PFC's 100th fight card was a milestone in more ways than just the nice … Continue reading The Weekly Dose #5